About Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U!

Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! is your local Karni-Pier dealer. The Karni-Pier has been providing service and support to its owners for over 70 years in Oshkosh Wisconsin.When a local family man and inventor, Sylvester Karst, and a local businessman Rudy Nigl teamed up the first KARNI-PIER was produced. They remained partners and continued Karni-Pier as a part-time business for over 20 years. It went through a few owner changes in the late 70s and early 80s and in 1985 became a full-time business. Through all of these changes, ownership remained local and the Karni-Pier has established a reputation for quality and service in the Fox Valley and Northeast Wisconsin areas. Now Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! carries on the Karni-Pier tradition and is moving it into a new direction to offer our piers nationally.

Our Mission

Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! totally dedicates all employees and resources to provide the highest quality products with exceptional customer service, while meeting, or exceeding, all customers’ expectations and needs.Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! strives to establish good working relationships with our customers and works even harder to maintain these relationships for the long term. Every customer relationship is based on respect and mutual trust. Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! works hard to earn and keep that trust.Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! provides personalized and cost efficient solutions for all of our customers’ by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

What is a Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! Customer?

• Our Customer is not only the most important person in our business, they are our business.
• Our Customer is not dependent on us, but we are dependent on them.
• Our Customer is not an interruption in our busy day, but is the purpose of our business day.
• Our Customer is our most precious asset and lifeblood of our business. We are here to service all their waterfront equipment needs.
• Our Customer is a real person that will be treated with honesty, courtesy and respect.
• Today, Karni-Pier LLC dba Piers 2U! offers a full line of quality products and accessories to meet every waterfront need.